Farewell Season at Prospect Lake Golf Course

August 3, 2015

Prospect Lake Golf Course will close permanently on November 30, 2015.

After 41 years of family ownership, it is a bitter sweet decision to close the golf course and we hope that you will enjoy the golf course until the closing date.

We are currently in discussions with three separate groups interested in leasing the property starting in 2016. We will not sell the land nor develop the land. The groups are looking to use the property potentially for summer day camps and for various lake-based activities and other recreational activities.

A final decision about the lease partner will be announced by October 31, 2015.

February 16, 2015

2015 will mark the last year of operations of Prospect Lake Golf Course (Prospect Lake) for owners Cedric and Dorene Steele who are retiring after 40 years of championing the picturesque lakeside 9-hole course.

“This decision is bitter sweet for Dorene and I. We have taken great pride and pleasure in watching people come to golf and enjoy the relaxed camaraderie and scenic, natural beauty at Prospect Lake Golf Course,” explained Cedric Steele, whose commitment to the course and to the membership has always trumped financial return. “For Dorene and I – and I think for many families in the area – the golf course represents an important snap shot of time. Prospect Lake represents our youth – an exciting time when our children were young that we shared with many families learning to play golf together. And it also represents the culmination of many years of privileged experiences that allowed us to keep the golf course going through ebbs and flows of a changing industry.  We are most proud, however, of the wonderful friendships forged at Prospect Lake with the members and staff – many who have been with us for over 20 years. This is a sentimental time for our family, and we are deeply grateful to everyone who has shared this journey with us.”

Son, Shawn Steele, General Manager of Prospect Lake, promises that this final season will be extra special as the family wishes to pay tribute to the members, the staff, and broad community who have supported and enjoyed the course over the many years. In 2016 Shawn will focus his energy on his recently launched business Charity Gift ( that enables philanthropists to donate directly to local charities.

The property will be retained by the family who will be accepting expressions of interest to lease the property for recreational purposes. “Our goal is to select a partner with recreational interests who will love the land as much as we do,” said Shawn Steele who will be overseeing the next evolution at Prospect Lake. “Our community promise is to ensure that the lake and the land will serve as a long-term legacy for the ongoing enjoyment of families. There are no plans to sell the land.”

The property’s 88 acres consists of 35 acres dedicated to the golf course, 45 acres of forested lands, and 8 acres of protected lands. The property is zoned for day-use recreation/commercial use and the family welcomes expressions of interest to lease the property. The golf course will re-open on April 18, 2015 for its celebratory farewell season and will close permanently on November 30, 2015.