The Best Players in Golf History

From humble beginnings to professional status, golf has had a vibrant history of professional athletes struggling for greatness. Often, golf gets a bad turn for being a lazy sport. But, where it lacks stamina, it compensates in precision. Many golfers pushed the envelope, trying to win more championships than the other. But who among them is in the front ranks? Here are the top 10 golfers of all time.

  • Lee Trevino

Lee Trevino is a golf legend up there with Arnold Palmer. By joining the PGA in 1967, Trevino had accumulated 29 titles, including 6 major titles. He has an unorthodox baseball swing and is considered one of the most creative baseball forwards ever.

  • Gene Sarazen

Gene Sarazen has played professional golf since the 1930s and has again and again impressed the crowd with his amazing game. Of his 38 PGA laps, he won 22 of them. But most of all, he will be remembered for making the Masters a major golf event. He played until the age of 71 and died at the age of 97.

  • Gary Player

Gary Player was one of the first modern international golfers. He has won 24 PGA tournaments, 19 championship rounds and 9 majors. He won the nickname “The Black Knight” because of his habit of wearing everything black on the golf course.

  • Tom Watson

An iconic figure in golf, Tom Watson has won five British Open titles, two Masters and 39 PGA Tour titles.

  • Bobby Jones

Despite his retirement from golf in 1930, Bobby Jones is considered one of the best golfers of all time. Considered a child prodigy at the time, Jones had won thirteen Championships in just six years, which no one dreamed of doing until Jack Nicklaus broke the record.

  • Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan stuck to a code of work, study, resistance, which he never betrayed. Winning 64 tournaments and nine major tournaments, Hogan is just one of five Masters, US Open, British Open and Masters winners.

  • Sam Snead

For nearly four decades, Sam Snead was one of the best professional golf players. Called “Slamin’ Sam, ” he won more PGA Tours than any other golfer in history with 82 wins in total.

  • Jack Nicklaus

Jack ” The Golden Bear” Nicklaus won six Masters tournaments among his 18 major championship wins. Many believe he is a golf prodigy and perhaps the greatest player in the history of golf.

  • Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was nicknamed “ The King” and for good reason. It is generally regarded as the best golf player of all time. With a career spanning more than five decades, Palmer has won 90 tournaments, including winning the Masters four times. He recently died at the age of 87.

  • Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods became the first young African-American man and man to win the Masters at the age of 21. He has won 13 other major tournaments and has been named PGA Player of the Year 11 times. With 74 wins in the PGA, he is eighth to break Sam Snead’s record. However, personal problems slowed his performance. Anyway, Woods is still considered one of the best in history.